The Story of my eBook on Acting

I didn’t want to write a book, not an ebook, and especially not an ebook on acting. Why?  Most ebooks are rubbish, and most books on acting are worse.  

But after writing over 700 blogs about acting for my now infamous Acting Blog, which has over 22,000 unique visitors each month,  receiving hundreds of emails of support and teaching acting for the past 10 years, I decided that I had to write one, it had become my responsibility to write an eBook on acting.

Afterall, people from India, Australia, Europe, China and South America, Russia, Canada and USA regularly read my blog, but most cannot afford to pay high airfares to Scotland to train with me.

Why shouldn’t they benefit too?

“If you like a no-nonsense approach Mark Westbrook’s .. book Truth in Action is about as no-nonsense as they come…” Laura Wayth in A FIELD GUIDE TO ACTING – Applause Books

So I wrote my ebook on acting Truth in Action to help actors all over the world, acting or theatre students, and anyone that was interested in reading a genuinely practicable book on acting – even if it was just to stem the tide of diarrhoea that exists out there in print and online!


More and more students kept asking about whether I would be bringing a book on acting out, and although I kept putting it off, I realised that if I was going to do it, I would have to do it right, and it was going to have to be different.

“A wonderfully helpful book… a clear map through the process… an insightful and invaluable book”- MATTHEW HATTERSLEY

So what makes Truth in Action so different from all the crap out there?

First off, I’m shooting straight from the hip. Absolutely ZERO bullshit. I couldn’t stand the way that our industry was mired in bullsh*t.  If I was going to write an ebook on acting, it was going to be common sense, straight-forwards, pragmatic – just like the acting classes that we run in Scotland.

Second, it’s not going to be generalised advice, it’s the culmination of many years of practice in the industry and based on ten years of gaining results with actors in practice as an acting teacher and coach.

Lastly, I’m dealing with the craft of the actor in 2013 from a highly practical standpoint, incorporating the latest techniques of acting and the most up to date self improvement strategies to ensure that you get the absolute most out of Truth in Action.

“Thank you so much Mark for this fabulous book, I feel elated again and have ditched all the other stuff.” JOHNATHON FARREL

When you own Truth in Action, you’ll:

  • Learn to Develop the Mindset of the Truthful Actor, which means that no matter what skill level you’re at, you’ll see immediate improvements.
  • Discover how to pull apart any script and grasp the actable parts of it, which means that no matter how good or bad the material is, you’ll understand it and you’ll have the know-how to translate it into action – the language of the actor.
  • Understand how to connect with your scene partners, which means you’ll create great on screen/stage chemistry with your fellow actors.
  • Learn how to transform the ideas and instructions of the director into truthful action.
  • Discover the secrets of truthful acting and how to put them into action, which means you’ll create authentic, organic and sincere performances.
  • Stop trying to use all the out-dated tools and techniques that relied more on luck than skill, which means you won’t be wasting any more time and stop feeling guilty because you couldn’t make useless techniques work for you!
I’m making no big promises about changing your life or your career, although many of the testimonials that my students give me claim that I’ve done both.  What I can give you – is a simpler way of seeing acting, reducing it to something that you can learn, and learn to do well.  Imagine that? An ebook that actually did what it says!

But don’t take my word for it, take a look at what a few of my students said about Truth in Action

“I wouldn’t have a career without Mark, this book is essential.” Joanne Thomson

“Without a doubt, the most useful resource an actor could own.” Ian Watt

“Cannot express how grateful I am, you changed my life!Sarah MacGillivray

“Just makes complete sense.” Mandy Bhari

You could spend years and years in crappy acting classes run by someone calling themselves an acting coach or drama teacher, wasting your hard-earned money on getting nowhere.  My exclusive eBook on acting Truth in Action will take you to the heart of acting and leave you refreshed and inspired!

What’s more, you’ll be fore-armed against the many unscrupulous charlatans out there masquerading as acting teachers! And you’ll save a fortune on acting classes and coaching, by learning to get the best training by asking the right questions in advance of joining acting or drama classes in your city.

I’ve taught BAFTA and OSCAR winners, with this simple, common sense technique. Now I want to share it with you.

Don’t delay, get your hands on Truth in Action by Mark Westbrook right now!

I do not make promises I can’t keep, if you take the time to learn the lessons this book has to offer, you will begin to act like never before.  And if you’re a beginner, don’t worry, this is a great place to start too!

Truth in Action is an accessible, fundamental book on acting. It empoweringly describes the way to authentic and truthful moment to moment acting.” TOM MORIARTY

Perhaps you’re thinking that this isn’t a particularly flashy website, where’s the glossy good looking people with their cheesy smiles, ready to convince you to part with your money.  Frankly, it just isn’t my style and of course, if I get that kind of site, you’ll pay a lot more for the eBook to cover my costs.  So a simple site and a low cost, low-risk eBook on Acting.